Strategists gather, define, and clarify the insights that drive creative solutions and help the Company make a difference for its client’s business.

Research & Strategy Officer performs research, develops reports and supports the development of strategic programs and thinking for our clients on an ongoing and project basis. They will create and maintain relationships with existing and potential clients, supporting the development of strategic solutions and plans that best fit the clients’ needs.

Our clients look for individuals with significant broad experience across multiple business sectors to complement their own management team.

Whilst the clients range from multinationals to SME’s in different industry sectors, the focus is on a broad spectrum of financial service providers ranging from alternative finance to fund managers.

The role will involve understanding the clients’ objectives, researching their competition, defining a strategy and its subsequent implementation.

  • Develop an understanding of the client’s business environment and strategy
    • E.g.. long term performance goals vs risk OR production outsourcing
  • Assist in defining key performance metrics and ways to approach a project
    • E.g.. deploy funds across a particular number of markets in a specific time frame OR multiple suppliers with different levels of quality control
  • Conduct or oversee research activities (in conjunction with client or 3rd party) research teams
    • E.g.. where to source raw data / materials
  • Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps and opportunities in the marketplace
    • E.g.. peers in the same group, different jurisdictions etc.
  • Keep abreast of emerging behaviours, technologies, and companies that are changing our client’s businesses
    • E.g.. different types of investor appetite within emerging markets OR the trend for lower emissions
  • Contribute to business development and thought leadership activities
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